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Каталог продукции

LLC RPF "Kostromskaya medtechnika"  makes the medical equipment and medical furniture of a general purpose, for laboratories and dental offices, the medical centres and drugstores.


Chambers of preservation of sterility in volume 10, 50 and 80 dm ³, made by "Kostromskaya medtechnika"  are intended for storage within 7 days of the sterilized medical tool. Chambers are made in two variants – stationary and mobile.

Originality of working out a сhamber of preservation of sterility consists that the bactericidal lamp at opening of a cover of the chamber comes for a metal design of the case. It gives the chance not to switch off a lamp, keeping stability of radiation and prolonging term of its operation. Thus the operator working with camera maintain sterility, avoids harmful influence of ultra-violet beams. The optimum combination of the price and quality, reliability and simplicity in use allow the Kostroma production to compete successfully in the medical market.


The medical metal furniture is intended for complex equipment of offices and chambers of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments. The furniture is made in the uniform is constructive-technological decision with application strong metalware of sheet metal and profile pipes. The high-quality polimer-powder covering of furniture is steady against influence of disinfectants.


The medical case furniture of manufacture of LLC RPF "Kostromskaya medtechnika" is developed by experts as the modular design allowing effectively to organize workplace of the medical personnel and to provide comfort of patients in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments. All products of the given series gather from the qualitative laminated panels revetted with a shock-proof edge of PVC that provides reliability and long term of operation. The medical furniture is ergonomic, functional and ecologically safe. The standardized sizes of furniture allow to collect almost any necessary configuration of an office and to change it while in service.


Medical laboratory furniture of series Trespa Athlon of manufacture of LLC RPF "Kostromskaya medtechnika", the original design, a practicality of a design and the moderate price distinguish. Bearing designs of furniture possess high stability to mechanical loadings and differ the raised durability. Complete set possibility allows to work as the electric block with the labware. Working surfaces of furniture are made of the special materials Trespa Athlon possessing raised resistibility to chemical substances and dyes.

Медицинская мебель марки "КМ-Магма"

Общебольничная мебель

Столы операционные МАГМА

Оборудование для стерилизации и дезинфекции


Медицинское оборудование Dixion-Кострома

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